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Our Facilities

No one builds a great reputation for quality seed without paying attention to their facilities...Unity Seed is no exception.

We use four different types of mills to better handle the unique needs of each type of seed:

  • gravity mills that separate seed by density
  • sieve Mills that separate by size
  • length graders that select only kernels of a specific length
  • spiral mills that ensure all soybean kernels will be a uniform size


25,000 bushels overhead makes for fast and easy truck loading without requiring additional grain legs; that means less damage to the seed. We also have 60,000 bushels of bag storage and 500,000 bushels bulk. Our bag and bulk loading capabilities allow us to handle a wide range of varieties while maintaining variety purity.


At Unity, we believe in the importance of maintaining good germination. That only comes by handling seed correctly. It's why we have rubber belts, conveyors, bean laddered bins and mini-bulk bags.


What's more, our fast loading capabilities are vital during spring planting. Modern electronic and digital scales give us the accuracy our customers demand. In fact, the new technology allows everything to run more efficiently.

Testing For Quality

Our seed quality is even further enhanced by third party testing through state and federal testing labs. Testing on everything from chemical residue, germination, seed counts, disease, new genetics and more, is done to ensure you are receiving the best possible seed.


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